1. The Golden Gates Monte Carlo Jackpots will be player funded. The funds will be 100% of the daily jackpot rake from live Texas Hold’Em poker games.
  2. There will be 20 different progressive jackpots that can be won on live Texas Hold’Em poker games.
  3. These can be won by meeting all Monte Carlo rules below and making one of the following hands.
    1. Hearts Royal Flush
    2. Spades Royal Flush
    3. Diamonds Royal Flush
    4. Clubs Royal Flush
    5. Hearts Straight Flush
    6. Spades Straight Flush
    7. Diamonds Straight Flush
    8. Clubs Straight Flush
    9. 4 Aces
    10. 4 Kings
    11. 4 Queens
    12. 4 Jacks
    13. 4 Tens
    14. 4 Nines
    15. 4 Eights
    16. 4 Sevens
    17. 4 Sixes
    18. 4 Fives
    19. 4 Fours
    20. 4 Threes or 4 Twos.
  4. For a “Monte Carlo” hand to occur, one of the above-mentioned hands must be made. Only Natural Hands (hands without a joker/wild card) will qualify for the Monte Carlo.
  5. The hand must be formed by using both of a player’s hole cards to make a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or Quads. Any 4 of a kind needs to be made with a pair from the player down cards (pocket pair) and two (2) of the same ranked cards from the 5 community board cards.
  6. Any qualifying hand must be shown/tabled to qualify to win any on the Monte Carlo Jackpots and must meet all other qualifications. A player who shows a qualifying Monte Carlo hand at the end of the hand may win the Monte Carlo Jackpot even if the hand does not go to a showdown.

For example:

If a player has Quad Kings on the flop, there is $35 in the pot and everyone folds except the player with Quad Kings, that player is still eligible to win the Monte Carlo Jackpot for Quad Kings if his hand is tabled and verified (see below).

  1. The pot must be equal to or greater than $30.00 before house and jackpot rake is taken. Uncalled bets are not considered part of the pot.
  2. There is no minimum number of players required to qualify for the Monte Carlo Jackpots.
  3. Any collusion, unfair tactics, unverifiable hand, fouled deck, conversation about how to play the hand or misdeal will be grounds to nullify any jackpot. In addition, any comments such as asking the dealer to spread the pot, asking pot amount, stalling or anything that could be considered collusion may also nullify any jackpot.
    1. A fouled deck is defined as any deck that is not one complete standard unmarked deck of 52 cards.
    2. A verifiable hand is defined as when both of the player’s downcards are turned face up on the poker table so that both cards are visible to the dealer and all players on that table.

Decisions regarding collusion, unfair tactics, etc. will be made by the Poker Floor Supervisor and are final unless Colorado Division of Gaming intervention is warranted.  If any player suspects collusion, unfair tactics, etc., they must alert the Poker Floor Supervisor immediately.

  1. 100% of the total jackpot rake each day will be distributed to the Golden Gates Monte Carlo Jackpots. The split will be 5% to each jackpot hand, with any dollar amount between $20 increments going to the Hearts Royal Flush.

For Example:

If $100 is collected in jackpot rake, $5 will be allocated to each Monte Carlo Jackpot.

If $103 is collected in jackpot rake, $5 will be allocated to each Monte Carlo Jackpot and the extra $3 will be allocated to the Hearts Royal Flush.

This allocation will avoid having cents in each jackpot and only having whole dollar amounts.

  1. All monies collected will be returned to the players as jackpot awards through the Monte Carlo Jackpots.
  2. When a Monte Carlo Jackpot is won, it will be at $0 until the next day’s jackpot rake contribution is added.
  3. The distribution of funds will be posted/updated by 3:00 PM daily.
  4. At the conclusion of the hand, the dealer will drop the jackpot monies into the jackpot award drop box. All live Texas Hold’Em poker games that are being raked for the jackpot shall be eligible for the “Monte Carlo Jackpots” provided all other winning conditions are met.